Fair Use Policy
Our Fair Use Policy is designed to make sure that your service is great value, fast and reliable
whenever you use it.
Why do we have a Fair Use Policy ?
At certain times, a lot of customers use our shared network bandwidth at any one time. A
very small number of our customers use our service inappropriately, for example when
sending or downloading very large files, or using 'peer to peer' and file sharing software
(which may be frequently sending and receiving video and other large files IPTV, using cloud functions).
This means that service quality for all users is affected, making it slower for everyone to
access the internet or send and receive emails, especially at peak times. Peak times for
network usage are between 9.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Sunday.
The vast majority of our customers' usage levels do not disproportionally affect the shared
network capacity.
Even though only a very small number of our customers use the service inappropriately, their
activity does greatly affect the service.
Our Fair Use Policy manages inappropriate use and makes sure the service can be used fairly
by everyone.
How do I know if the Fair Use Policy affects me ?
Our Fair Use Policy applies to all our subscription customers but it'll only actually affect you if
you're one of the very few customers who make inappropriate use of our service.
If you don't use peer to peer, file sharing or other inappropriate software and you're not, for
example, frequently downloading or uploading videos or other very large files, you're unlikely
to be affected by our Fair Use Policy. If you are affecter by this Policy your connection will be restricted on up and download speed.

How does my connection recover the normal speed ones i was affected by the fair use ?

If you are restricted from the fair use policy you will need to check your devices for programs wich cause high up and download traffics (for example: icloud, dropbox,all kind off tv streaming or video games, ext.). Our speed control system detects those usages and will recover your connection speed after stopping the the above mentioned programs.

How long does it take to recover my normal connection speed ?

This is depense for how long you have been using programs wich has been detected for affecting the fair use policy. For example after using 20 min. a tv streaming platform like film on the system will give your connection one point , after another 20 min using the full bandwidth you will get another point this goes on and on. from the third point onwards your connection will be lowered in speed. If you stop using those devices wich cause those high traffic on every 20 minutes the system will discount one point every 20 minutes. Ones your points are counted down to 0 your connection speed will recover back to normal .

Can i download or upload large files without getting affected by the fair use policy ?

Yes you can use the system without any restriction from 23-7 o'clock GMT

What else do I need to bear in mind ?
All of our users must comply with relevant copyright and intellectual property laws.
Please note that some activities, such as using peer to peer or file sharing software, may
contravene these laws.
Under our terms and conditions, any illegal use of your service will be a breach of your
contract and will allow us to end your service.
Thank you for your co-operation
Solyaires Internet.