Terms and conditions of sale Solyaires Internet Broadband Service

By purchasing from Udo Neuber, you agree to the following;

Returns and refunds Money back guarantee:
If you are not satisfied with the service level you may be entitled to a refund within the first 15 days and under the following conditions.
If your connection is disrupted for a time period longer than 48 hours.
If the connection does not match our criteria outlined in “Our provision of service to you”. This will be verified by our engineer using independent speed test software.
The use of third party access points or routers is not supported and therefore we do not guarantee the functionality of our connection when used with such devices.
A re-stocking fee and / or installation fee may be deductable depending on circumstances.

Contracts and ownership of equipment.
All clients connected on our contracted services agree to the following conditions. 30 days notice requried to terminate contract thereafter.  Non payment of service will incur an aditional charge for reconection (49 euros) if payment is received later than the 15th of the month. If payment not received within 30 days of Due date, we reserve the right to cancel the agreement and switch service to our PayGo option. The price difference between contract installation and PayGo installation (calculated based on install date) along with any outstanding payments plus a cancellation fee of 58 euros will be added to your account and may be debited to your credit card.

Our provision of service to you.
3.1 We will provide the Services from the Go-Live Date until either you or we end this contract (30 days notice)in the way set out in these terms and conditions (subject to any relevant Minimum Contract Period).
3.2 We will use reasonable skill and care when we provide the Services to you.
3.3 We do not guarantee that the Services will be fault free or available at any particular time or continuously. You accept that Telefonica does some programming and engineering work at our local phone exchange so that you can receive the Services. We do not accept any responsibility for errors or delays caused by Movistar while they are carrying out any set-up or ongoing programming or call-routing work that affects the Services, or for any acts or omissions of other Service Providers, third party service or equipment suppliers that impact on our ability to provide the Services.
3.4 In certain limited circumstances, we may not be able to provide you with the Services for technical reasons. If this happens we will use reasonable endeavors to let you know promptly.
3.5 We may suspend the Services from time to time without notice to you where it is necessary for us to do so for operational reasons such as repair, maintenance, improvement or emergency. We will restore the Services to you as soon as possible.
3.6 You accept and acknowledge that the Broadband Services, as with other Internet applications, are not secure and we do not guarantee the prevention or detection of any unauthorized attempts to access the Broadband Services or your computer. It is your responsibility to protect your computer from computer viruses, adware, spyware, and malware by installing and updating adequate anti-virus and security software.
3.7 We will use reasonable endeavors to provide the Broadband Services to you at the speed you have requested, however we cannot always guarantee this. The speed of your connection and download times may be slower depending on the length of any cables at the Installation Address, the distance the Installation Address is from the mast, the speed and quality of your router and modem, and congestion on our Network or the Internet.
3.8 With the intention of ensuring our Network performs consistently in all locations across our Network and at all times of the day, we reserve the right to manage internet applications across the Broadband Services at our discretion as we see fit. This may include, but is not limited to, prioritizing web traffic and email over file sharing activities during times of high congestion.
Faulty goods within 28 days of receipt will be exchanged depending on condition. This does not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse, for which there will be no re-fund or exchange.
Outside of these 28 days and the product develops a fault you will be responsible for returning the product and we can help arrange repair or return to manufacturer. This applies to goods within 12 months of purchase. Again, accidental damage does not apply.
Realignment of Antenna
Due to strong weather conditions a dish may need to be adjusted as they are only installed to certain wind strain levels. This service is not free of charge and a maintenance fee will apply. If the dish loses signal within 3 months of install and no strong winds have affected alignment there will be no charge. This does not apply if any other party has carried out maintenance or void sticker has been removed.
Damaged or incorrect goods
The customer must check product on receipt and if damaged or incorrect a replacement will be arranged immediately. All packaging must be retained and Solyaires Internet  must be notified within 7 days of delivery.
Liability and security
S. I. liability for any injury (other than death or personal injury), damage or loss, in particular consequential loss, arising from the use of any goods purchased is hereby excluded. Any injury, damage or loss arising directly from the negligence of S. I. or its installers will be limited to a refund of the value of the goods purchased and any other charges already paid.
All reasonable care is taken to protect the confidentiality of credit card details, S.I.are lot liable if through no fault of their own such details are intercepted and used by third parties. All personal details are handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
S.I. We practice a policy of continual review and reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time, without prior notification.